At Iveshead we aim to to serve the needs of all of our students by creating and delivering a curriculum that broad, balanced and coherent.  Our aim is to nurture and develop our young people into becoming well educated and well rounded young adults that fulfill their potential and are ready to make their contribution to society.

The Iveshead School curriculum is both comprehensive and balanced.  It fulfils the necessities of a secondary school curriculum whilst being adapted to meet the needs of our learners. At Iveshead our curriculum continues, where the primary schools leave off in Year 7 and continues for 5 years until GCSE exams are taken in Year 11.  All students follow the same curriculum in Year 7 and Year 8 but do get an element of choice as they move into Key Stage 4 in Year 9. Learners are then guided into appropriate further study with many choosing to stay on into the Iveshead Post 16 and follow a Key Stage 5 curriculum.

Curriculum Assessment & Reporting

All students in all years will have their progress assessed at least six times per year.  This assessment data will be used by staff to report back on progress to parents and carers via our half termly Iveshead

Progress in Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 is reported on using the new GCSE grade 9 to 1 system.

Progress in Year 12 and Year 12 is ported on using the A Level A*-E grading system.


All students in all years will receive a target grade.  Targets are based on a combination of SATs and Iveshead School performance data.  Targets are set individually for each student to ensure that they are appropriately personalised but are also aspirational.  In Post 16 targets are updated to reflect performance at GCSE.