Iveshead Governors – what we do

Our Governing Body is a group of enthusiastic volunteers, dedicated to working to achieve the best education for our students, now, and in the future. We check that resources are used wisely for the benefit of all our students. We work with the leadership teams in making the big decisions about education in our school, and help them identify which priorities to focus on.

We represent parents, staff, and the local community. We are answerable to parents and the community, and try to keep in touch with you to ensure your views are heard. You can always contact us through the school. Here you can find further information on the members of our Governing Body.

Governors hold their role for four years. Parent and staff governors are elected by, respectively, parents and staff. You’ll be informed of any vacancies, and anyone interested is welcome to contact the schools. The full governing body meets about five times per academic year. The committees that support the governing body meet about twice a term. Governors also carry out monitoring visits which support the school’s work on assessing against the Ofsted themes of the achievement of students, the quality of teaching, the behaviour and safety of students, and leadership and management. We commission and undertake regular training to ensure we are up to date on all aspects of governance and education.

  • We provide strategic direction by setting the school’s aims and values and planning the long term future of our school.
  • We ensure accountability by overseeing budget management and planning, and ensuring resources are used to the benefit of all students, and by involving, consulting and informing parents, the community and students.
  • We promote high achievement of students and excellent educational provision, by appointing and performance managing the Headteacher, and through him, all employees, and by monitoring students’ achievements and the quality of teaching.

Currently we have four committees meeting regularly, which report to and advise the full governing body on decisions to be made. Small groups of governors meet with staff more frequently to monitor data relating to student progress, and to monitor financial issues. Additional committees meet annually or as required. Details regarding committee membership can be found here.

Leadership committee:

Strategic direction, development plan priorities, leadership and management, oversight of the effectiveness of governance

Quality of Education and Personal Development committee:

Achievement of pupils, curriculum, attendance, quality of teaching

Students committee:

Achievement of groups of pupils, behaviour and safety of students, attendance

Environment committee:

Budget management and planning to include pupil premium, staffing, site and community issues

Details regarding Governor appointment information and business interests are available here.

Our meeting attendance register is available to view here, it is updated each half-term.

We are very proud of our school; there are always important decisions to ensure the best for your children, and it is a privilege for us to play our part in supporting their education.

Alison Riggall, Chair of Governors